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Theorian "YB", is a freelance fashion stylist but as she likes to call herself, an "Image Architect." She can also be labeled as a Photographer, Creative Director, and Experience Curator. Based in Los Angeles, but puts no limits or distances on where she works. In 2012, at age 17, the Image Architect started her very on business, Richgirl Lifestyle, LLC, which originally began as a Clothing and Styling Boutique. It wasn't until 2017 when she then divided the two and let the styling portion of the company stand alone as "Styled By YB LLC".


Throughout her 10+ year career, while curating unforgettable looks, she's had the privilege of working with some of the best clients like Brandy Norwood, Jai'Len Josey and Ambré to name a few — from editorial/video shoots to red carpet events each experience is always refining her understanding of the power of fashion as a form of self-expression and art.


As an Image Architect, her role extends beyond styling; from creative directing to photographing, being multifaceted helps her not only create exceptional styling moments but also capture the essence behind each vision! 


Working with YB is truly The Experience Worth Experiencing! She believes that style is a powerful language—a visual story that speaks volumes without uttering a word. And, as she continues to grace the industry with talent and creativity make sure you're following her journey on STYLEDBYYB.COM 




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Thee Creatives Club


"Essentials For Creatives By Creatives"

After 3 Years of preparation, YB co launched and became the proud founder of Thee Creatives Club. A Lifestyle Brand providing meaningful and long lasting vibes for Creatives all around the world. Not only providing Fly and Functional fits but giving creatives an outlet to be their most creative selves while looking fly doing it.

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