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The Fairy Style Motha

"The Experience Worth Experiencing" -YB

Theorian "YB", a wardrobe stylist but as she likes to call herself, an "Image Architect." She can also be labeled as an Editorial Specialist, Fashion Director, and Image Consultant. New Orleans native, Currently working in Los Angeles, California. However, YB loves to travel and puts no limits or distances on where she works. In 2012, at age 17, the Image Architect started her very on business, Richgirl Lifestyle, LLC, which originally began as a Clothing and Styling Boutique. It wasn't until 2017 when she then divided the two and let the styling portion of the company stand alone as "Styled By YB LLC".


Throughout the past 10 years she has worked with super clients such as: NFL players, reality tv personalities, musical artist, and many more. However, YB is known for her buzz worthy editorial photoshoots.


Throughout her career, YB has proven to be extremely passionate about her job. Always willing to go against the rules of fashion while having fun with '70s glam, '90s street style and the presents year fashion but also mixing high end and low end brands.

For YB, fashion isn't always about the luxury, it's about making her clients feel comfortable, confident all while being able to express themselves. Whether shes helping her clients reclaim their image, build a strong closet, search for high and low end designers, or set styling, YB is always on the move. And, as she commences the next chapter of her life and career, make sure you're following her journey on STYLEDBYYB.COM 



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